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On-line Marketing is Where the Money is. Even those with no experience can learn how to be successful. I'll show you how. Already knowledgeable? You'll be on the fast track!

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You will be guided each step of the way. You'll know what to do, when and why.


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Natural Health Practitioner, NHD

The help and support I've received from Kandy has been outstanding! I chose this company simply because of her and the education provided in addition to amazing products. As a health care provider these are very important things to me as I use them in my practice.


Licensed Massage Therapist/Colon Therapist

As a mom with a very sensitive daughter I had to use extra caution in what I gave my daughter. With these products she's never had a reaction. In addition, it's allowed me financial freedom I never believed I could have.


Wellness Advocate

As a previous single mom struggling to make ends meet, never did I imagine I could be making the income I am now while working less than 20 hours a week. It's given me the opportunity to travel and spend time with my kids that I would never have been able to before.


Business development/Surgical Nurse

Kandy has been so helpful in helping me get started in this industry. I love this company and their product and can't imagine what my life would be like without them. It's been so fun to share with others in the health field.

My philosophy

There are so many benefits of having your own business in Natural Health including:
Helping others- You are providing others with natural solutions that are safe, effective, and affordable.
Building relationships- You will meet so many amazing people on your business journey and build so many great relationships along the way.
Personal development- When you surround yourself with positive and motivational people like the ones on our team, you are inspired to focus on your own personal development and continuously grow and work towards becoming the person that you want to be.
Flexible hours- This is such an amazing opportunity for anyone. With this opportunity you are able to work when the time is right for you (i.e. after the kids go to bed).
Love what you do- You will simply be sharing your knowledge with others, not because you are told to by your boss or because it pops up on your daily tasks at your work desk, but because you genuinely love sharing with others, building relationships, and providing others with natural and safe solutions for their families.
No sales pressure- Speaking of bosses, you will be your own boss. No one will be hassling you to meet a certain quota or lecturing you about numbers. You can work at your own pace, on your own terms with the guidance and support of your own personal mentor.
Minimal investment and startup costs- Once you have started growing your business, you will need a monthly order of 100 PV or more each month to earn your commission. That is roughly $100/month, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than starting up most businesses (I know personally from having a Real Estate Business for over 20 years).
Supplement your income- You will begin opening many doors in your life and improving your standard of living by supplementing your income. Whether you use it for personal vacations, extra spending money, retirement savings, whatever it may be, it is such a great opportunity to have the extra income coming in.

Success means different things to different people. I get that. I'm not looking to push MY dreams on you. I want to help you meet your dreams! You may want to stop commuting, you may want location freedom, or just more money to travel enjoy life and have less stress. You may even want all of these things. It's okay!

There are right ways and wrong ways to build a successful, thriving business. It does not begin by bullying your friends and family. Through our coaching, you will learn how to create pull marketing which will attract people who WANT to learn from you and build their own business. We will plan, build and analyze through layers of expertise and knowledge that we have learned and you get to benefit from. Ready to get started? Simply click the Private Consultant Application above and we'll schedule a time to talk about your dreams and goals. I can't wait to speak with you!
You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. -- Zig Ziglar

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